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about us

While the focus is always on you, you may be curious about us. (We know we would be if we were searching for somebody to help us through vulnerable times.) The two of us have come together in practice with the common goal of helping people live happier, more peaceful lives. We met years ago while performing mental health therapy in the community and discovered more and more that we had much in common pertaining to how we would like to contribute to this community and the wonderful, eclectic people of which it is comprised. We found that we resonated with each other’s ideas of the therapeutic process and approach. Over the years we have come to be great friends and colleagues. Not only do we share a mental health therapy practice, but we can often be found sharing pizza or nachos over a game or movie.

Halee Roberts

NPI #1245428242

Halee RobertsHalee is a person of great compassion and empathy with a non-judgmental attitude toward people working out their own life journey. She has over 13 years of experience utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness, all within a Person Centered Approach, working with adults who experience depression, anxiety/panic, relationship problems, sleeping difficulties, and life adjustment issues. In addition to this she has specialized in the area of overwhelming emotions utilizing dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for individuals finding it difficult to cope and who might be engaging in overt or covert self destructive behaviors. Childhood abuses, trauma and self esteem enhancement are also part of Halee's specialities as well as bereavement issues.

It is natural to experience pain as well as joy during life. It is not, however, natural to remain in a state of suffering. I believe we are meant to live happy, joyful lives within a background of inner peace. Sometimes life's circumstances throw us off balance and professional help is needed to find our way back. That's what I do, that's my purpose, to help others regain, or possibly even discover for the first time that life is not to be feared or dreaded because of hurtful emotions. Sometimes we get confused or stuck, but help is here. There is no reason to suffer or wait to reach out.

~ Halee Roberts

Halee has had the benefit in her career to travel, performing therapy in different parts of the United States including Alaska. This has given her the ability to have a deeper understanding that there are many different beliefs about life, spirituality, moral behavior and death amongst different people. Therefore she is able to apply a more expansive perspective to people who may or may not fall into a particular region's norm.

Halee graduated cum laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelors degree in Social Work and went on to complete her Masters Degree in Social work at UALR as well. She is a seasoned and versatile Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Halee has lived in Northwest Arkansas for a little over two years and enjoys the beauty of the area. She is an animal lover whose hobbies include yoga, meditation and outdoor activities.
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Courtney Goodrum

NPI #1003036302

Courtney GoodrumCourtney has been in mental healthcare for over twenty years.  Courtney approaches  those she serves with warmth and empathy and a genuine desire to assist those struggling with life's challenges.  Courtney believes everyone who enters treatment has the capacity to change. She wants to start where individuals are when they begin their journey and she respects each individual's right to their own self-determination.  She also believes strongly in respecting each individual's core values and beliefs without judgement.  

Courtney's career as a mental health professional began in Little Rock. She has worked with teens, adults and families in hospitals, community mental health centers, and in private practice. Her areas of expertise include working with individuals who struggle with varying degrees of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and borderline personality disorder. She has been a strong advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as a volunteer and as a clinician. She has received training with families struggling with divorce and has assisted in sponsoring and instructing parenting seminars in East Texas for parents who are coping with this difficult transition. She has also worked closely counseling families who experience other parenting challenges.

Courtney was born and raised in Hot Springs.  She graduated with her bachelor's degree in English from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1992.  After working in teaching, she returned to graduate school and received her Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1996.  She is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Arkansas.  Courtney and her family have lived in Northwest Arkansas since 2004.  Courtney loves spending time outdoors and music.  She also enjoys and sees the therapeutic value in having a good sense of humor and having fun, especially with her children.  
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