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Halee Roberts, Wellness Solutions Counseling

Wellness Solutions Counseling doesnt believe in coincidences. The fact that you have searched and found this website shows that you are already taking the first steps toward feeling better. This is no small accomplishment on your part as this is completely within your reach. Intuitively you may be feeling that something isn’t quite right and you are looking for ways to come back into balance. Wellness Solutions Counseling is here to help you on your path toward emotional well-being. Countless life stressors can disrupt the state of harmony that you seek. It could be that you are experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Relationship Problems
  • Intrusive or Racing Thoughts
  • Self-Harm or Thoughts of Self-Harm
  • Feelings of Overall Discontentment
  • Unexplained Mood Disturbances
  • Fear of the Future
  • Work/School Problems
  • Childhood/Life Occurrences or Traumas
  • Unhealthy Patterns that Bring About Undesired Results
  • Difficulty in Adjusting to Life Circumstances
  • Unhappiness with Life


Wellness Solutions Counseling understands that an ongoing state of contentment and peace is crucial in leading fulfilling lives where one feels understood, cared for and accepted. You owe it to yourself to take good care of your mental/emotional health as that is the basis from which the rest of your quality of life stems.

Wellness Solutions Counseling now provides (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy that works by not only addressing the immediate cause of distress, but also by accessing those “channel memories” fueling and intensifying the immediate cause. It allows an individual to cleanse these channels and then to essentially neutralize the target trauma. The end result is that the target trauma will cease to illicit feelings of anxiety and anything we experience that reminds us of the trauma will cease to trigger anxiety, as well.

With over 17 years of experience in empowering people to return to or achieve this satisfying way of being and thriving. Not only do I perform therapy, but also results oriented and have witnessed the recovery of many from destructive thinking and behaviors through the use of our therapeutic techniques. With that being said, know that you do not have to go through any of these things alone.


Your emotional wellness is paramount. Call today. I am here for you.

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Halee Roberts | Wellness Solutions Counseling
Halee Roberts Licensed Clinical Social Worker Halee has over 17 years of experience utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness, all within a Person Centered Approach, working with adults who experience depression, anxiety/panic, relationship problems, sleeping difficulties, and life adjustment issues.
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Frequent Questions

What kinds of things do people seek help for?

A:People seek counseling for a variety of reasons including feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, worried, sad, or angry. People also seek out counseling to help change behaviors that are troubling them including addictive or disordered behaviors or behaviors that affect their relationships at home or at work. Some people seek counseling because they have a life goal that has been eluding them and they are ready to explore their barriers.

How does counseling help?

A:When a counseling relationship is working well, clients experience new insights into their situations, clearer thinking, increased energy, better understanding of their feelings and needs, release of troubling emotions that have held them back or been confusing, and a greater sense of wholeness and peace within themselves. Therapy is a process, and a working partnership develops between client and therapist.

Do you work with couples and families?

A:Yes, Wellness Solutions Counseling includes work with individuals, couples, and families.

Is what I say confidential?

A:Yes. All client-therapist conversations are private and confidential. It is also confidential information that a person is meeting with a counselor. As a licensed social worker, I follow the professional ethical standards of the National Association of Social Workers. Only in rare exceptions when the safety of a client or other is at risk can disclosure of confidential client-therapist information take place.

What can I expect at the first session?

A:You can expect to talk about the concern(s) that brought you into counseling and also about your background and personal history. You can share on a level that feels comfortable for you. You can also expect to have some brief paperwork to fill out.

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WellSoCounseling LogoHalee Roberts is now offering online teletherapy sessions. Teletherapy, in this instance, refers to live, video/audio sessions via my HIPAA compliant virtual platform.  

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